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Ok I am going to rant!

Ok so I am seeing something a lot and I think it is kinda…rude. What I am seeing is people hating on other kids. I am seeing a lot of this with scene kids. People hating on scene kids left and right. It’s awesome to have your own opinions. Your opinions are a part of who you are. That is not what is making me mad.
People, who hate being judged, are judging others on how they look, what they like, and the way they talk. I see this with hipsters. I see this with scene kids. I see this with punk rock kids. People are judging left and right like they have nothing better to do!
You can not like someone. I don’t like a lot of people. I still don’t go and judge them and post all over that I dot like them. That’s only going to hurt someone! Please keep your opinion to yourself.
I know it is your blog and you have the right to post what ever your heart desires. But you could seriously hurt someone. They are hurting you in no way by being who they want to be. If you don’t like it or it annoys you, get away from it. Ignore it. Don’t associate with it. It’s that simple.
Tumblr is about loving each other and bonding over likes and such. Not hating on people who have no real affect on you.
So please think before you post.

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